Há uns meses tive oportunidade de conhecer o Hairstylist Jorge João numa apresentação da Redken
Luso descendente, a viver no Canadá, é hoje uma dos maiores Redken Artists. 
Partilhou com um simpático grupo a sua história e experiência, a paixão pelo mundo da estética e dos cabelos e deixou, ainda, alguns conselhos preciosos!
Mais tarde, fiz-lhe uma entrevista que podem ler agora. Não a traduzi para que a possa ler de igual forma e para que não se perca a essência das suas palavras!

Thank you, Jorge João!

TCUP- What qualities do you consider essential to be a good Redken Artist?
Jorge João- Passion, great energy, open to learn and the will to help others grow.

TCUP- When did you realize that being a Hairstylist was what you were meant to be?
JJ- In hair school. I truly enjoyed what I was doing and at the same time I was helping people feel better about themselves.

TCUP- As a professional, what do you like the most in your daily life?
JJ- I love that every day is different and I get to push my creativity to the next level on a daily basis.

TCUP- A healthy strong hair needs...
JJ- Moisture, protein and your regular visits to the salon.

TCUP- What's the biggest mistake we can make with our hair?
JJ- Color it at home from a box color!

TCUP- In your opinion, what are the basics in terms of hair care?
JJ- Maintaining balance in your hair whether it be through protein, moisture or damage from the every day elements.

TCUP- Your job allows you to travel a lot. What has been your international accomplishment?
JJ- I'm grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to inspire and share ideas with many different stylist an artist throughout the world.

TCUP- You have a Portuguese name and a Portuguese heritage. Would you consider working in Portugal?
JJ- Anything is possible! Portugal is like home to me!

TCUP- You give style advice to world celebrities. Is it easy to change the hair (something so important for one's image) of someone as mediatic?
JJ- It's not always easy but change is good. The goal is to keep their personality and personal energy in mind and find a way to make that shine.

TCUP- Do you think hair is a fashion accessory?
JJ- Of course it completes the full picture!

TCUP- How does it feel to change other people's image? 
JJ- It always feels great that you can help someone do a personal change and in the end both feel excited about the experience!

TCUP- Where do you see yourself in a few years? Do you have a lot of dreams to fullfil?
JJ- I'm always dreaming and I'm always pushing myself, the sky is the limit! The more people I can inspire and the more I can learn about myself is something that I will always strive for!

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